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Does what I want in less than 20 minutes to make a youtube video

I am running OSX on a really old iMac. Something after Snow Leopard. I got Moviemator because there was some problem with iMovie, although I have forgetten what. Although completely unrelated, Moviemator works about as well as the Chrome browser on OSX, that is to say a few minor delays but it does not crash. It is good enough I wonder what the $ version is like. I have not used the feature but I like the way you can do audio only on it and export as mp3.

Looked Soooo Good…but Nope

Not user friendly at all…I tried putting some text into video for just a quick 3 seconds. As far as I can tell it is NOT possible! It applied the text to the ENTIRE video!! There is nothing in the timeline that shows where the text starts or stops. Couldn’t figure out how to split video into segments. Pretty much useless. The really sad part is this one looked to be the best free video editor…all the rest are even worse.

Always closes

This is the first time I’ve ever used this app, and every time I try editing anything, the app closes. Please fix this.

Don’t get!!!

I got this thinking it would be great successor to iMovie, but to my surprise, it only saved the first five minutes of a video. I also can’t do anything with it. I am very disappointed in this app.

Illegitimate fork of open source Shotcut

This application is a fork of the popular, free, cross-platform, open source Shotcut video editor. Not only is it more limited and less frequently updated, but the makers of it also do not share the source code (as required by Shotcut's Free Software license or share their changes with the Shotcut developers. It is made by a company in China that is basically stealing the hard work of volunteers and exploiting it for financial gain. I know this because I made Shotcut, which is not available through the App Store but freely available to download from its web site at


works great. Upgrading soon to the full version!

Ruins audio

The software on my computer doesn’t support IMovie, so I installed this instead. Editing the video clips and audio together was easy, of course, and I had no problems while editing. However, after exporting my video, I watched it back and the audio was ruined, as in it was playing at a lower pitch level. I went back and tried to see if any of the audio on my clips was somehow changed and everything was normal. I exported it but this time as a different file format and the saame thing happened. It can’t be user error if I had everything organized correctly. Something in the audio must have been corrupted during the export but I’m not going to go back and spend hours fixing something that should not be a problem to begin with. If it’s an error with the app itself, why would I check every aspect of it to fix it myself?

Me like it

It very simple to use, the free version did all i wanted it to do………im glad i downloaded it

Fundamentally Broken

Very, very, displeased with the product. I simply needed a free software that could splice together five short clips and an audio track. This app made what should have been a ten minute process an hours-long ordeal. Final product couldn’t even be used. Any attempts to export the video to a useable format inexplicably slowed the audio and ruined the product. A terrible piece of software that works with a mind of its own. The buttons are nonresponsive, the layout is unintuitive, and there is a severe lack of information about how certain aspects work. Fundamentally broken.

the videos have alot of noise on them

i dont recomend this program is the worst program ever..and the customer service is not good..they have not reply to to email and there is no phone to call.. so bad that i would like a refund.

came in a clutch

had a video project due the day of, easy program, only fault is difficulty transfering viedeo file to show my classmates. besides that, good af program for emergencies.

Never use!!!!!!!!!

This app almost ruined a school project for me because when you export, it makes the audio dropped down two octaves. This app is for the people that want F’s on assignments, and I don’t think anyone wants that. Please don’t use!! *You’ve been warned!!!!!!!!!

I love it now that I know how to use it

I love this app so much! its perfect for making video edits using clips and audio (thats all I’ve done so far)! My only issue was that it’s a bit frustrating at first because you have to figure out where the controls and settings are- but I just found them as I went along and as I needed to find things. Other than having to figure out where/how some tools worked, I really like this and would recommend it to people who want an a high quality app for making edits/videos! :)

Powerful and useful

This video conversion app is powerful and very useful.Friendly and clean UI,Less complex operation.It supports many formats files of video,and the format conversion is very convenient.It is a worthy use app.


At first this movie-maker didn’t seem so bad, it was easy to import video and audio clips and VERY easy to trim and splice clips together. Fades and textboxes work very well. THEN, after spending a whole day learning the user interface and putting together a 5-minute video, I tried to export it. The exported .MOV file was horrifying, the audio was heavily distorted and sounded like HELL-SPEAK. I had a combination of .MOV, MP3, and MP4 files in my video. Had to do some digging for the solution and almost gave up. Stumbled across a nifty bit of information: change the audio bitrate to 44100 Hz BEFORE exporting. This was the only issue I had with this software. Other than that, fantastic.

Messes up the sound

In the program, the video I was working on ran perfectly. However, when I went to export it, something went wrong in the process. After it was uploaded onto youtube the audio was COMPLETELY messed up! It sounded awful.

Good for rotating video

I needed an app to rotate short video clips from portrait to landscape. This app did what I needed it to do.

Waste of time

I spent 3 hours working on a slideshow of sorts that would serve as a lyrics video for Mana’s “Pobre Juan.” After lining all the photos up with correct timing, I go back to watch the finished product and find that the photos were completely messed up. In the editing screen it seemed like the photos were in the correct order, but this program showed the photos in a completely random order, and completely deleted others. I doubt this problem came about because I was using the free version, because who in the world would want to use an app that can’t even keep photos in the correct order? This app is a sick joke that will waste your time. DO NOT bother with this app. Try another one

Basically a scam

This “free” application is basically a scam as it works only with videos that are no longer than 5 minutes. If you want to work with longer videos you have to upgrade to Video Editor MovieMator Pro . This would be OK if it would be made crystal clear before downloading it - but it is, of course, not being made clear because in my opinion this crippled software has been created for the sole reason of luring people into buying the full version. The need to upgrade should be made known as an in-app purchase on the download page of this application itself. I am surprised and disappointed that Apple supports such a despicable approach. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APPLICATION!


I know this is a free app so i expected some issues, but every single time i splice together a video the sound ALWAYS gets corrupted. I’m trying to just put together my demo reel, but when i split the videos and put it together it sounds like the spawn of satan in the beginning of each video i cut. It doesn’t sound like that when I’m working on it but as soon as i export it, it sounds terrible!! Guess I’ll just move on to a different/better app.


THis audio quality is the most terrible quality i have ever heard!! Don’t waste your time. Anyone who gives this any star above 1 is full of bs. This doesn’t deserve any star. There should be an option to give them 0 stars. Because i hate this!! Thank goodness this was free so I didn’t have to pay for this piece of crap. Trust me, you don’t want this. Don’t download it.


The editing is fine and all and simple but when i downloaded the file the audio was messed up


Worked amazingly!!! Did exactly what I wanted and was WAYYYY better than iMovie!

Trial only


Great Video Editing App that gets the job done

I needed to do some simple editing stuff for a promo video, with some simple transitions and text. Boom. This program did it and I didnt have any issues learning its interface, even with zero experience in video software. Just what I needed.


Takes forever to save, then it does not save video at all, don’t waste your time on this CRAP

Amazing and free

Loved it! Super simple to use!!!

This Is Worst than PowerPoint!!!!

Listen, I know, Free means mediocre. But this is insane. There are so many programs that are pirated and are much better than this. Why go for doing the right thing if stuff like this is being put out. My, no transitions unless I buy the pro? At least give me something to make me want to buy it. I was about to buy it until I tried the free app, and it sucked so much I deleted it. Sorry, but I am sick and tired of so much bull out there when someone wants something easy and worthy of buying. GOD Bless, sorry again, it is not my intention, but we have to be a little more consederate of the ones who cannot afford apps. And with so many at least make it worthy of buying.

Beware. Don’t get this app!!!!

Buyer beware! There aren’t enough bad words to express how I feel right now about this basic program. I downloaded the application to edit video of my grandson’s birthday party. After hours of work over 2 evenings, I discovered the app wouldn’t let me copy it to a disk, so I sent it to my iPhone. It sent me the first 30 seconds of my movie. A pop-up appeared saying I needed ot purchase the pro package. I think it was possibly because the movie is about 10 seconds longer than 5 minutes that it wouldn’t let me download it. I’m not sure because it took forever to download the 30 seconds that I got. I then tried downloadingng each part of the movie to my desktop or my movie file to save my work. Didn’t work. The program appears to make it so you can only use it on their application but not export it to a CD. I’m gathering that is, unless you purchase the pro pkg. I rarely write something bad because I want to give people or companies the benefit of the doubt. But this ended up being a TOTAL waste of my time and is designed to rip people off of their efforts unless you pay money, which this basic app wasn’t supposed to require.

simple a easy to use

i like that it does not take that much to get the besics done with this app. every thing you need is right in front of you. so that your time look around and get what you need to get done..


I searched for an app to change dimensions and aspect ratio of a video, this is what I found. I added the video, used the Crop filter, exported it. Resulting video has a black frame at the start of the video.

Learning Through Experience

HONESTLY, It’s very fun to use, if you know what you’re doing!!! I just created an intro for my vlogs and I see too many different options to customize my videos.

Love it!

I have 4 or 5 different video apps. This one does what it says it will do. It is the best economical app for video. If you want something better than this shell out $300 or $400. For the price this is the best.


i really like this application very useful ,thanks

Perfect for what I needed!!

I wanted to string a few clips together, edit and add audio and this was PERFECT. Didnt have to pay to export my first video unlike the other one I wasted all my time on only to be prompted at the end that I had to pay if I didn’t want their ugly watermark on my content!

briliant app

This application is brilliant and sertanly gets the job done. Not complicated and is an all around great editing software.

Pro Doesn’t Work — Saved Files “invalid!"

Since I can’t use my trusty FCP on my Macbook Air with Mavericks, I decided to buy MovieMator Pro. Put together part of a video edit, then saved it to a file. When I went back to open the saved file, it was BLANK! There was an alert that said “Saved Files - “invalid.” Furthermore there’s nothing on their website to help with this problem — except for an email address on the alert. I REALLY wanted this app to work! I sent off an email and hopefully get a fix — or refund. If this problem can be solved, I’ll update this review.

Fairly Good For a Free Software

Here’s what I like about this software. 1. It’s Free 2. You can work with multiple video tracks (something iMovie doesn’t let you do) 3. Very user friendly and easy to use. What I don’t like: 1. No color/contrast/sharpness/brightness/saturation settings 2. Doesn’t let you select multiple tracks for moving things around easily 3. Overall just limited capabilities (I understand, it’s a free program, not a big deal) Overall it’s a really decent software. Probably the best FREE video editing software I’ve used so far. Has some solid capabilities and is extremely easy to use. Thumbs up from me.


Good for basic video editing and clipping…. simple and easy to use

simple and works for what I need

I’m a low-tech guy with virtually no cyber-video experience. This editor was easy to figure out and simple enough to meet my needs. It doesn’t appear to have a lot of bells or whistles, but those would just confuse me anyway. It did my job well.

Horrible. Not User Friendly. “Failed to repair"

I didn’t hold out much hope for this app so I only spent about 30 minutes importing clips and placing them in the correct order. I didn’t worry about publishing at this point, just wanted to make sure it would save. It said it did. I closed out and opened the app. It said numerous files couldn’t be found so I had to double click on each one and “re-find” them, which I did by simply clicking on the file by the same name from within my library files. After going through all (several minutes), it then said “failed to repair project” and there was nothing there. Nothing. Whole project is gone. Worthless.

Don’t bother..

I saved my project twice and everytime i try to access the file; it shows up blank and then shuts down.

Good for price

The movie maker isn’t quite as easy as it could be, but overall I would give it an 8/10 for ease of use and 7/10 for self-explaination. The only reason it loses points on those two is that some of the functions are hard to use, like adjusting the amount of time/speed of each clip — you have to adjust each frame and it is hard to get it to the exact time you want. Also, halfway through it stopped importing media files so I had to restart the app, but then it worked. For a free app, it works great.

It's free, but Crash every time.

My system is 10.12 , import small video all right, but can't import one hour video .

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